Training and Assessment delivered on behalf of Human Emergency Response Training Pty Ltd - RTO 32332

Julia from

Yeronga State School

I attended your course on Saturday morning and by Tuesday afternoon I was performing CPR on a stranger. My family and I were going for our regular afternoon walk when I saw a man yelling for help as he was pulling a passenger out of his car. I ran over to the guy who was now on the ground in the car park. Thankfully there were 2 people already helping, a registered nurse and another bystander.  The bystander and I shaved the man’s chest to get ready for the defibrillator while the nurse performed CPR. As we learnt in our course, CPR is very exhausting so when the nurse got tired I jumped in and took over. The man was starting to turn blue and the defibrillator shocked him 5-6 times. The ambulance then arrived and took over and the man survived!

I have done a lot of First Aid working in day care and as a teacher’s aide and thanks to Marcus and Certo First Aid Training this is the first time I have felt comfortable and confident doing it.

I would highly recommend Certo First Aid!