My name is Marcus and I grew up under the guidance of my father who was a paramedic for the Queensland Ambulance Service. Even as a young boy, I had a keen interest in first aid and pre-hospital care. My dad later became a paramedic educator, one of only three in the whole state of Queensland at the time. I was very proud of the work he did.

As a teenager, I witnessed a car accident and was the only person at the scene who knew what to do to comfort a dying man suffering severe burns. It was a life changing experience and I made a promise to myself that I would pursue a life teaching others what to do in an emergency.

After qualifying as an electrician, I later worked as a student paramedic for the Queensland Ambulance Service. But I always had a burning passion to be a trainer. It was while I was working in a mining town in central Queensland, sitting through another boring CPR/LVR (low voltage rescue) course, it occurred to me there was a huge need for engaging trainers and fun, interactive courses. This was my second light bulb experience.

Soon after, in February 2016, my wife Flavia and I made the decision to start our own First Aid training business to revolutionise the industry. That’s how Life Emergency Training was born.

From our very first course, we have only ever received great feedback. Time after time, we’re told: “This is the best First Aid course I’ve ever done!” or: “I’ve been doing First Aid courses for 20 years and this is by far the best” and even: “This is the first time I’ve seen all my staff so concentrated during a course and so interested.”

It’s comments like those, and so many others, that reassure us we’re on the right track. We feel as though we’re making a difference and keeping true to our promise to make our brand as memorable as our service.

We’re passionate about looking after our students and clients. It’s our mission to make sure every person leaves our courses feeling confident that they too can help save a life if called upon. That makes us very happy.